Why isn’t Crawl Budget the same for

With high volume of content, news sites, virtual stores and others. Not that sites with few pages are not impacted by this Googlebot crawling issue, but the impact on good positioning on Google response pages tends to be smaller. all sites? So far so good, the meaning of Crawl Budget is not that complex.

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But what is its impact on an  what does it mean in terms of exposure on Google? It may even seem like a technical detail, but SEO work is made up Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List
of a series of details that end up resulting in prominent positions on Google’s response pages. Every day, millions of new pages are published on the Internet.

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Imagine if Google were to invest its technical resources to analyze  a daily, or even monthly basis? That would certainly be insane work and why not BH Leads say, a waste of technical resources. We know very well that not all content published on the web is worthy of reference. seo course Therefore, Google and other major search engines determine a frequency.

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