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Your website, Domain Authority , social media mentions and others also have an impact on Crawl Budget, but more often than not it is the structural and internal optimization factors that have the greatest impact. importance. How to increase your Crawl Budget? Knowing what a Crawl Budget is, it is very likely that you are now asking the famous 1 million dollar question:  Crawl Budget? So let’s get to the answer.

How to increase your

Audit your site – SEO Audit to identify problems with your site, starting with the structure itself; Load speed – Improve the loading speed of your Canada WhatsApp Number List pages so that they become easier to crawl; Pay attention to usability – Check the navigation issues on your website to ensure a good usability experience for your visitors; Improve your content – ​​Review your content, updating it and, if applicable, deleting useless, duplicate and outdated content.

Redirecting to other more

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Relevant pages; Optimize your pages – Along with the content review, do a good job of SEO On Page, to improve the ranking potential of your pages; Note BH Leads that, in fact, all the items mentioned are part of a technical SEO routine and do not apply solely to the Crawl Budget issue. The periodic maintenance of the site is justified, among other things, by the need to keep its tracking rate high. Now that you know.

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