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Will see a graph like this: What is Crawl Budget? In this graph we see that Google is crawling an average of 3,000 pages per day, which corresponds to less than a quarter of the pages and elements that make up this website in question. What affects the Crawl Budget? Now that you know what Crawl Budget is, how it works and.

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Access statistics, let’s see what ends up impacting this important SEO factor. We basically have two dimensions that most directly affect a website’s Crawl Cameroon WhatsApp Number List Budget: Structural SEO and On Page SEO . From the point of view of Structural SEO, we can point out the following as the main factors that have a direct influence on.

Ease of navigation through

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Your Craw Budget: all pages of the site: Load time of each page; Broken links; Google guidance framework such as sitemaps and Robot.txt. In BH Leads matters more specifically focused on Off Page SEO, the main factors to be checked are: Quality of website content; it; Duplicity of content; Content presentation structure. Off Page SEO factors such as links pointing to.

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