The keyword is that word or phrase that you want

Remember that Google results are simply. A relevance scale. To better understand this part. We have two articles published here on our website. That will give you a broader view on the subject. The first of these is. How Google Ranks Websites and the second is titled. What is SEO . It is worth checing 2 – Set your keyword. The second step for those who want to. Know how to put a website first on.

Want to be positioned in

Google is to define the keyword for which. They the first results of searches made in search engines. seo course The basic input of every Search Marketing Belgium WhatsApp Number List strategy is. The keyword, or keyword expression as sometimes it includes more than one word. To be listed at the top of Google’s answer. Pages when users do a certain search.

This is a critical step as

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Knowing how to choose these words is essential to attract qualified traffic to your website, that is, people who really have a chance of purchasing BH Leads either your product in the case of a virtual store, service, or else the content you want to publicize. It is for no other reason that in our SEO course we dedicate an entire module to this stage, using tools such as Sem Rush,  Ubersuggest and others, to analyze and select the most appropriate keywords for each situation.

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