Google is fundamental for brand exposure

It is well known that most people nowadays. Use Google to find what they want on the Internet. Therefore, in most digital marketing plans. Search Marketing placed as one of. The priorities, since appearing on Step. By step on how to put a website in the first place on Google So let’s see what are the items that need to. Be taken into account by anyone who wants to know  in.

How to place a website

The top positions on Google, and thereby. Generate more exposure for the brand and access to its pages. 1 – Understand how Google ranks websites The positioning of a website on Google’s response pages determined by. A series of algorithms Belarus WhatsApp Number List that collect information about the website, taking into account aspects such as: The structure of the site itself. What we call Structure SEO The content and structure of each page, which we call Onpage SEO The website’s relationship with other pages.

Which we call Offpage

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SEO The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A set of techniques that we apply in the process of. optimizing websites for search BH Leads engines. which the specialization of digital marketing that aims to place a website in prominent positions on the response. Pages of the major search engines. For your site to appear at. The top of Google, seeking better positioning. Will involve a series of requirements so. That the search engine perceives it as a relevant site.

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