How to place a website in the first place on Google is

How to put a website in. The first place of Google 3 – Prepare your unpublished and quality text The catchphrase is old, but still valid in terms of SEO: Content is King. Without good content, well structured and organized. You will hardly get a spot among the sites well positioned on Google. One of our guidelines on  to have a good logical structure in your text. Through a good copyright, and also to pay attention to the On Page SEO rules. Furthermore, the text needs to be unpublished.

No going around giving

CTRL C and CTRL V around, because if there’s one thing that Google simply hates is copied text, and believe me, it knows very well who published it Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List first. If you want to know one of the roads to failure in SEO, this is one of the best. How to put a website first on Google will require good content from you. We suggest you read our article  engines and also How to create relevant content for your website.

Optimizing texts for search

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Optimize your images for SEO As placing a website first on Google is a job that takes into account the entire context of the content, we cannot forget BH Leads image optimization. Image search is one of the big trends in search marketing for the coming years, and it’s gaining momentum with tools like Google Lens and Pinterest Lens . When optimizing the image, you must take into account.

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