Success story: More than 250M in approval

In this success story we will talk about Commercial Intelligence , a company founded in with a focus on structuring businesses for international capital investment. Their work consists of picking up businesses nationwide and approving credit in the United States and Europe. Luciano Bravo, CEO of Commercial Intelligence and businessman with more than years of experience, has experienced in his career the lack of credit for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. He saw this opportunity in the market and created Commercial Intelligence, which, despite having great loan capital, is still unknown in the market.

Use of the platform

How can we convey the information that Brazilian businesspeople do not need to depend solely on national banks to obtain credit and that it is possible to seek capital outside the country Japan WhatsApp Number Data That’s where Speedio came into the game! Marlon Bento, commercial manager, explains that Speedio was (and is) fundamental to attracting new customers through active prospecting. Check out the full statement below. The company’s biggest problem, mentioned in the statement, was access to few leads, which negatively impacted the performance of Commercial Intelligence in the market. What caught Marlon’s attention the most was the possibility of obtaining these leads within the law, as all data available through Speedio complies with the LGPD.

The platform’s filters are also essential for Commercial

Intelligence to find your potential customers within your ICP , which are companies from all sectors that earn between and million per year. Illustrative image of the success case Singapore WhatsApp Number List Positive experience A strong point for Marlon is that the platform consolidates data in an organized and sanitized way through a filter that excludes all companies that only have accountant contacts. Having information such as e-mail and telephone numbers of decision makers available and validated in one place saves a lot of time and resources. Results The company had more than million dollars in credit approval. During this period, all customers acquired through Speedio were approved.

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