Success story: 40% more sales

Renato Rush is a digital marketing analyst and he says that his company was looking for a tool to get a good lead enrichment base. He needed a tool that performed good lead segmentation and qualification, and most importantly, that was in accordance with the LGPD. Success story: 40% more sales. Renato’s company was faced with the challenge of reaching SMBs (smaller companies, with or fewer employees) , as its product was targeted at larger companies. Thanks to Speedio , they were able to see the opportunity to target SMBs and were successful in the process. Updated data Having been in the marketing area for so long, Renato had already purchased a list of leads, but the emails did not exist or were out of date.

Speedio’s biggest assets

With Speedio he didn’t have this problem, as our data is constantly updated from more than public data sources. Technical support The second strong point that Renato highlighted Korea WhatsApp Number Data was our support, which proactively contacted us and offered help, asking if we needed assistance with any functionality. Why Speedio Another factor that makes Renato recommend Speedio is the value. Compared to other tools on the market, he finds the cost-benefit to be much greater. Our purpose is to democratize active prospecting in Brazil, by offering quality data accessible to large, medium and small companies. Check out Renato’s full statement in the video below: Increased sales with data provided by Speedio Renato was close to the commercial team while using the platform, helped generate prospecting lists and sent marketing emails.

What is the highlight of the platform?

The result was a significant increase in the company’s sales, around % more in one month. “For those who don’t know it yet and are curious or a little hesitant, I highly recommend it. It’s a really Spain WhatsApp Number List good tool, reliable and supported by people. Give it a try, because it’s really worth it.” In addition to the highlighted qualities, Renato once again praises, now with more emphasis, the issue of segmentation. He considers this the greatest pain. With Speedio this is easy to do, including finding similar companies through the CNPJ. He cites the issue of being able to filter small, medium and large companies and still have decision-maker data available. And you, do you want to increase your sales by % like Renato? Make a Speedio trial account and test before paying.

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