Success story: Commercial machine built from scratch

Leonardo Grimaldi, from iGreen Energy, tells how he used big data to set up his outbound structure. In this successful case we will talk about iGreen Energy. A sustainable energy startup that started in November. It used field sales prospecting, a model in which the salesperson goes door to door.  Physically, to carry out prospecting  outbound . Where prospecting is done remotely and help iGreen achieve even more surprising results in other regions of Brazil. Inside sales With a structure made from scratch and a product that reaches a wide audience, you need to have a focus to sell.

How does Speedio help with inside sales?

In this case, defining an ideal customer profile is extremely important to start a sales strategy. Using the filters available on the platform, this profile can be easily designed, for example Italy WhatsApp Number Data choosing the size of the companies you are looking for as a target or even the region where it is located. There are more than options to design the ideal client for prospecting. iGreen Energy testimonial – Speedio success story An intuitive platform can make all the difference by easing the user experience with a clean and efficient layout. Speedio stands out in this regard, enabling customers to quickly find quality decision-maker data from over public information sources, all GDPR compliant . Although the tool is easy to use, Speedio doesn’t stop there and offers support and monitoring to its customers, which becomes a differentiator that always receives praise.

What are the highlights of Speedio?

You can count on the platform’s practicality and dedicated assistance to make the most of everything the tool has to offer. Results With the project properly structured, it is now Vietnam WhatsApp Number List possible to move on to prospecting with quality! The market, which has expanded significantly and surpassed regional borders, has shown surprising results, successfully contacting decision-makers and scheduling meetings. Check out the full statement: Speedio is the big data tool you need for your outbound strategy to work correctly! Sign up for a Speedio trial account today and test before paying.With a more strategic approach based on concrete information, the company was able to adjust its prospecting strategies , directing them more effectively to achieve the desired objectives.

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