Success case: results in active prospecting in 3 months

See how Smart One managed to hold important meetings with decision makers using the big data platform. Ubiraci Pereira plays a fundamental role in the commercial strategy and prospecting of Smart One. A company recognized for providing comprehensive solutions in the field of Information Technology, encompassing equipment, services and licensing. A very common problem for those who do active prospecting is finding qualified bb leads. Success case: results in active prospecting in 3 months. Searches carried out manually, as was the case with Smart One, generate a huge demand for time, which most of the time leads nowhere.

Difficulty prospecting

The data present on Google and Linkedin tends to be outdated or incomplete. Now imagine the effort to find companies that are part of your ICP and the emails and telephone numbers Israel WhatsApp Number Data no longer belong. To that person? Or do they belong to accounting firms. This was the problem that Smart One encountered when prospecting customers. But it was solved with our big data tool . The platform uses more than public data sources, cross-references information and provides complete data on all active companies in Brazil. In the case of decision-makers. The tool offers a specific filter where it is possible to exclude accountant contacts and only include decision-makers. It is important to highlight that all data is in accordance with the LGPD . Speedio has more than filters that serve to create your company’s ideal customer profile.

How can I contact the decision maker with Speedio?

This was a determining factor in Smart One being able to optimize the prospecting process. Furthermore, the platform offers a validation field for these contacts, with the purpose of testing USA WhatsApp Number List whether the phone number and email actually exist. Results with SpeedMail Smart One’s positive results were further optimized with the use of SpeedMail , an application integrated with the platform that uses artificial intelligence to create prospecting texts. Ubiraci found the leads, validated the contact and sent commercial proposals, generated by our technology, without having to leave the Speedio platform. After months of use, he already felt the difference, being able to schedule important meetings. Speedio Academy also added value in the development of Smart One, which put everything learned in classes into practice.

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