There is no way to say that one network is better or worse

The search engine, when clicked. In this case, you will be able to advertise your. Products and services on websites that have to do with your business, which is quite interesting, mainly because you can even direct your ad to some specialized websites. The billing system is the same used for the Search Network, that is, the keyword auction.

With payment both

By CPM and by CPC, as we will see later. To appear on more relevant sites, the advertiser must pay a higher price per click. Since showing ads on these Jamaica WhatsApp Number List sites also of interest to other companies, and an auction is created between these interested parties. In our Google Ads Course we make a point of drawing.

The attention of participants

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To the fact that advertising on. The Search Network or on the Display. Network depends a lot on the product and strategy that the brand adopting in BH Leads terms of search marketing or. Even marketing of content.  than the other. The deciding factor for choosing between one and the other the Search Engine Marketing strategy being adopted or the strategy.

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