I would say that the Remarketing strategy is essential

Used in your conversion funnel as a whole. In addition, as you advertise on Google, especially on the Display Network, it is a matter of knowing how to be in the right place for the right people and at the right time, it is the ideal place for Remarketing strategies . How to Advertise on Google 3 – Remarketing Strategy.

Do you know when

You enter a page of a website or virtual store, leave, and then ads for that brand appear everywhere you go? Well that’s not a message from God or Japan WhatsApp Number List anything like that, it’s what we call a Remarketing strategy. Contrary to what many people think, few online sales are generated in the consumer’s first contact with the brand. That’s why the Remarketing strategy is increasingly important these days.

I would even go further

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As advertising on Google is not a one-off action,  for paid media today, whether on Google Ads or on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, where BH Leads it is also possible. One of the main mistakes in Google Ads is precisely not adopting it. It is worth including this alternative in your digital marketing strategies as it can help a lot to increase your conversion rate.

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