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We suggest you read our article. What is Remarketing. Where we explain this feature in more detail. 4 – How Google ads are charged. Another very common question among those who want to know how to advertise on Google concerns how to charge these ads. There are basically four ways to charge for Google Ads ads: CPM – Cost Per Thousand : In this case, the advertiser.

Pays for lots of thousand

Views of the ad, regardless of clicks. On the ad or conversions and is widely used in campaigns focused on Branding; CPC – Cost Per Click : In this case, the Jordan WhatsApp Number List advertiser pays a certain amount each time their ad is clicked when displayed on search engine response pages or on ads displayed on the Display Network; CPA – Cost Per Acquisition : Available only for more mature accounts in terms of Google Ads.

The advertiser only pays

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If there is an effective conversion, be it lead generation or product acquisition; CPV – Course Per View : It’s a form of billing exclusive to video ads on You BH Leads Tube where you only pay if people watch more than 30 seconds of the video or less if it’s not that long. The value of each click varies depending on.

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