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Let’s start by talking about Google Ads. The former Google AdWords Google’s paid ad platform. Which will allow you to run your ads in environments such as. Google Answers Pages. Google partner sites; Google Shopping; Videos on YouTube; Application Network and Discovery, such as search and display.

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Success in this area, the Remarketing strategy. 1 – How to advertise on Google Answers pages A common question  bout how to advertise Italy WhatsApp Number List on Google concerns what we call the Search Network. Or Sponsored Links, those links. That appear right at the top of the search engine’s response pages, and also at the bottom of the page, with an “Advertisement” tag. ” from the side. Facebook Ads Course.

These ads are positioned

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There, as they participate in the Google Ads program , with ads that were created in what we call the Search Network, that is, ads that will be served BH Leads only on the search engine’s response pages, in the first results. These ads are quite interesting, as they place companies in an extremely prominent position on Google’s response pages.

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