While SEO is the acronym of Search Engine

This is because the first solution more searched for and more accurately intercepts the search intent of users on Google. 2. SEA, SEM and Digital Marketing strategy You may have already heard of SEM, SEA and pay per click (PPC). Often these acronyms are confused with SEO.  SEM ≠ SEO ≠ SEA Digital Marketing Strategy difference sem and seo Easy Web Marketing SEO and SEA are part of that micro- cosm belonging to search engines: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) SEM Search Engine Marketing , marketing applied to search engines. SEA means Search Engine Advertising.

But distinctions must be made

It is the activity of paid advertising on the search engine results pages.  Optimization , the activity of optimizing websites for a better positioning on search results. Search List of Mobile Phone Numbers Engine Marketing the set of strategies implemented to sell a product on the main search engines. These include the activity of Google Advertising ( you pay Google for results at the top of the search results page for a specific search key) up to the organic positioning of a website.  business listing also considered an SEM task. 

Optimizing a Google My Business

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Or setting up a YouTube channel to appear in Google search results. And so on. For SEA, paid traffic obtained through sponsored ad campaigns on Google Advertising BH Leads mainly considered . In this case, a domain pays to appear at the top of the search page for certain keywords. SEA, unlike SEO, will give you immediate visibility thanks to auctions on Google Advertising for the different keywords you decide to focus on. Advertisements and sponsored ads on Google will be useful for you to be able to compete with your online competitors. There is a close correlation between SEA and SEO.

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