Example of display advertising: suppose you are a clothing site that aims to sell children’s clothes. If the company wants to invest in a display advertising campaign, it will decide to buy spaces on other websites with similar core businesses. They could be blogs or mom forums. Here it will promote its products with banners that assu me a visual content. This kind of advertising can be considered the direct “digital heir” of the billboards posted on the street or on buses. From a technical point of view.


It is possible to distinguish various types of display advertising. Based on the location they find within the site that hosts them. : A  first type consists of banners or a striped image (in English banner means flag) placed in different points of the website that hosts it. By clicking on the banner – which can be static or dynamic – you continue towards the offer advertised on a new website. A more invasive alternative consists of pop-unders / pop-ups or visual advertising elements that appear automatically when browsing a particular site.


 Last among the main variants is the interstitial or Javascript advertising that appears at the top of the user’s screen. Much like the cookie warning dialog, it can be closed by clicking the X. 5. Digital Marketing and Content Marketing Strategy Among the tools of Digital Marketing there is also the discipline that deals with developing texts or creating contents that favor the involvement of users. Not to be confused with copy , content marketing aims to increase brand identity.

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