What is content marketing and how does it

Therefore, we will have to produce content for each of these phases: Top of the Funnel – Learning and Discovery Phase Middle of the Funnel – Consideration and Intent Phase Bottom of the Funnel – Evaluation and Decision Phase In order to adapt the content to each of these steps, you need to survey the Marketing Persona.

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Audience you want to impact. It is for no other reason that in our Content Production Course for Social Networks , we put the module on creating the Marketing Lithuania WhatsApp Number List Persona right at the beginning, as it is fundamental for the various actions in this area.  Marketing Persona , you will have to raise the interests, pains and obstacles of your public in order to present solutions that are adequate to these problems.

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The content must be aligned with the specific needs of each stage of the conversion funnel. After all, what is content marketing if it doesn’t offer solutions, as we said BH Leads earlier.  work? 6 – Are Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing the same thing? This is a common question among people who still don’t know in detail what content marketing is.

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