Now that you already know what content marketing

The answer no. Although they are constantly confused, Content Marketing is a part of what we call Inbound Marketing , which is a much broader strategy, involving different digital channels. To learn in more detail what differentiates one strategy from the other, we suggest you read the article The Difference Between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing , published here on our blog.

How much does

Content marketing cost? and its advantages. It natural that you interested in knowing. The cost of such a strategy. The answer varies, as everything will Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List depend on the type and volume you will produce. What I can guarantee. You that in addition to being a strategy that generates. Traffic and continuous Leads for your website, blog or virtual store, it costs much less than, for example, paid media.

That a content marketing strategy

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Some research shows can cost 40% less. Than other strategies, such as paid media, mentioned above. If you ask me what content marketing , one of my answers that BH Leads it’s a strategy that, in addition to reducing costs, increases your website’s traffic and authority. In his book Content Marketing – The Currency of the 21st Century , Rafael Rez says that there currently two highly valued assets, people’s time and attention.

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