That this is relevant content for the searched term. Sponsored Links Results Sites that appear in. The sponsored links results area are there because companies have paid through Google’s ad platform, Google Ads. For them to be displayed when certain words or phrases are searched. Sponsored links results belong to the paid media segment of Search Engine Marketing , that is, to be listed in the top positions in.

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Pay for it. Each of these dimensions of search marketing. Has a set of techniques and applies to a particular moment or situation. There is no way Brazil WhatsApp Number List to say that one is more important than the other, as each one is responsible for satisfying a certain need in terms of digital marketing. Working with these two dimensions, we can devise a series of strategies that will result in greater brand.

Exposure in search engines

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And greater relevance for the site. Search Marketing 3 – Integration of Search Marketing strategies Whenever we deal with search marketing BH Leads in our digital marketing course , these two strategies go hand in hand. The reason for this is that the two strategies, when handled simultaneously, can greatly contribute to the results of one another by creating a synergy.

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