This exposure is responsible for a strong generation

Of hits to the site, and even more, the generation of qualified traffic , which has a high conversion potential. seo course That’s why we put this among the main digital marketing strategies that a company can use to promote its products or services. 2 – The Subdivisions of Search Marketing Now that you already have an initial idea of ​​what Search Marketing is, let’s analyze.

The two dimensions of

This digital marketing strategy. Basically, search marketing falls into two categories, organic searches and sponsored links. Let’s see  of these Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List two dimensions. When someone does a search on Google, two types of results are displayed, organic results and results from sponsored links. Organic Results It is the segment of search marketing that deals with spontaneous.

What are the main characteristics

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Results on the response pages of major search engines such as Google, for example. It is in the category of organic results that SEO – Search Engine BH Leads Optimization strategies emerge as a way of promoting a website. Sites listed in the organic results area pay nothing to be there. They stand out in the rankings because Google understands.

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