We hear a lot about websites hotsites e-commerces blogs and portals

Online is extremely important to be discovered, after all. Brands want to be present when consumers need the services they offer. The best way to always be available is to create an online space. Read below what are the main differences between digital environments. Site The website is a set of online pages where a company provides all the information about it. Within this environment, you can connect with the world and show. What benefits you can bring to users or customers. The world is already fully connected to the internet. with different subjects, or vertical, in order to address only a specific market.

Having a website is like having a house

Important to be found by the target audience. Hotsite A hotsite is nothing more than a website with a temporary useful life. That is, with a date set to go offline. It is normally used by Thailand WhatsApp Number Data brands that want to capture users’ attention for the launch of a product. It can be hosted on the same domain as the company’s main website. But the design must be creative and emphasize the object being advertised, without distracting focus. E-commerce An “e-commerce. As the name suggests, is an electronic commerce. The main characteristic of an e-commerce is the sale of products, whether they are material goods, such as clothes or furniture, or even services.

The portal can be horizontal and aggregate pages

If there is a commercial transaction and a cart to add and complete purchases, you are in an e-commerce! Blog Blogs are spaces on the internet where an individual or company Mexico Telegram Number publishes regular posts on a specific subject. Blogs are free for their authors to express opinions and share knowledge. Furthermore, the blog is a space that allows interactions with readers, as they can comment and start conversations with the author of the post. They are also an excellent strategy for your company to show expertise in the market in which it operates and, over time, become a reference on a certain subject. Portal A portal is a news-providing center. They are internet pages that are constantly updated with various topics of interest to the target audience.

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