Green Roofs: Everything You Need to Know about Ecological Green Roofs

Green  have been popular in Europe for years, and their popularity is finally growing in North America as well. Are you ready to jump on the green roof construction trend? Are you thinking about adding green to your future construction projects? In this 7-minute read, you will learn the basics of building sustainable green . Green Everything You Need to Know about Ecological Green. Let’s start with We speak of a green roof when a layer of vegetation is used to cover all or part of the surface of a roof. This type of roof is also called sustainable roof, ecological roof, green roof, vegetal or environmental roof or vegetal roof.

What is a green roof?

A green roof usually includes several layers, such as: green roof layers This creates a unique ground cover that not only looks great, but is better for your home and the Turkey WhatsApp Number Data environment around it. Learn more about the different types of green  in the next section. Types of green  Learn about the 3 main types. Green Everything You Need to Know about Ecological Green. of green and which one is best for your projects. Extensive green roofs Extensive green roofs are the most popular option for residential projects. They are lightweight and require very little maintenance. They are light because the vegetation – moss, sedum, grass, small flowers – requires a very superficial layer of soil, a few centimeters thick at most (up to 10 cm). The choice of vegetation also helps reduce maintenance.

Semi-extensive semi-intensive plant cover

Builders choose hardy plants that grow on their own without requiring additional maintenance or watering (except perhaps in extreme drought). Intensive green roofs Nigeria Telegram Number Intensive green roofs are often seen on large commercial building projects. They have thicker layers of soil (up to 1 meter or 3 feet deep in some places) to support larger plants, shrubs, bushes and even small trees. Green Roofs: Everything You Need to Know about Ecological Green Roofs. Therefore, intensive green roofs are more like a garden than a normal roof. This makes them a good option to create a kind of mini park on the roof and expand the useful space of the building. But with larger plants and shrubs comes extra maintenance, as they have to be watered, pruned and maintained. That means you have to plan a way to regularly access the plants.

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