Vargas Llosa and the assault on the Capitol

I think it is beyond doubt that Mario Vargas Llosa is a great writer, an estimable intellectual and a good columnist, which are different things that can occur together or not. Perhaps as a writer I would like to be the Peruvian García Márquez but I fear that he does not reach that point. But if I am referring to him it is because he has written a significant article in the newspaper El País this January , in a country where the crisis that began in and that still has its consequences, the covid and a heavy snowfall that Neither the current mayor of Madrid nor the president of the Community have known how to address and have difficulty blaming others, especially the Government, for its effects despite their media allies such as ABC , El Mundo and La Razón.

Genealogy of the assault on the Capitol

But returning to the writer, it seems that this illustrious Peruvian – already with Spanish nationality – has been surprised by “the assault on the capitol”, which is how his article is titled. And the Japan Phone Number Data article is significant, not to illustrate or enhance his biography or his resume, which he does not need, but because it has put liberals or, simply, democrats, who have always presented the leader and flag of democracy in a difficult situation. country of the stars and stripes. It is not deniable that it is a consolidated democracy, but it is more than debatable that it is exemplary or that it is the best in the world in almost every sense, and if it were, it would be at the expense of the misdeeds – let’s be gentle – that it has committed. in Latin America and other parts of the world.

The dystopia of Trump and his accomplices ends in a criminal absurdity

For example, it is responsible for the largest terrorist act in history by launching two atomic bombs in August on two civilian Japanese populations – pardon the redundancy – without Indonesia Phone Number List prior warning or, for example, the criminal – not to say genocidal – action in Iraq to punishing someone as a response to the destruction of the twin towers in Manhattan in These are some significant examples that only confirm that exemplarity has to be for the inside, but also for the outside, which has not been the case; Just as the English have not been with their brutal and criminal colonialism in the th century, although countries were well accompanied by other colonialisms such as the Belgian -with the Congo-, the French in Algeria, the Portuguese or the Dutch.

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