Facebook Connect, integrate your website with Facebook using PHP

.The internet is increasingly interactive, the topic of the moment is social networks. Twitter, facebook, google foursquare, social search. A billion different terms and different ideas. But all with the same concept: interactivity, practicality, results. And it is no wonder that companies are increasingly interested in this publicity. In this facility, many of them make a point of being on top of this social tide. Posting their latest tweets. People who like their fan page, social comments, publicity on their website. of its products, buttons back and forth, but especially Facebook Connect. Which by the way, is an incredible tool. Some time ago I came across this problem. until now unprecedented for me, configuring this Facebook Connect for a client.

Creating an application on Facebook

When looking for help on the internet I found some very poor content in Portuguese. All I had were Facebook’s own tutorials, which left me a little confused and caused. Me to Italy Phone Number Data waste a little more time than I would have liked. Precisely what motivated me writing this post. Well, let’s leave. this whole conversation behind and let’s get straight to the point. setting up Facebook Connect, you will need to follow a few steps to do so. Facebook Connect, integrate your website with Facebook using PHP. 1st – Create an application for your website on Facebook to request user information. 2nd – Download the PHP SDK library proposed by Facebook. 3rd – Integrate this library into your website. To create an application on Facebook, you need to log into your account and access the developer part within Facebook, at this link.

Integrating the library into the website

Once done, click the “Create new application” button, choose the application title and namespace, and that’s it! Your application has been created. Returning to the home screen of your Hong Kong Phone Number List applications, you will see it created, edit your data, and place an icon and an image (which I recommend, as it gives the user more security). Facebook Connect, integrate your website with Facebook using PHP. A little below the data, choose the way your application will integrate with Facebook as a Website. Save the changes and it will be configured. Note that your application has two identification data, App ID, and App Secret, you will need this data later. Downloading the PHP SDK The second step is to download the library developed by Facebook for this connection, the PHP SDK.

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