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Make sure both iPhones are unlocked and ready to use. For optimal performance, iPhones should be positioned facing each other to help utilize precise UWB location capabilities. A person uses their This forefront of smartphone to pay a bill at a hospital with NameDrop enabled Share Your Contacts Open Contacts App : Find the contact you want to share on your iPhone and open the Contacts app. However, Select Contact Card : Tap a contact card to see its details. Start Sharing : Tap the “Share” button located at the top of the screen. Select NameDrop: From the sharing options, select “ NameDrop .” Position iPhone: Move your iPhone closer to the other person’s iPhone, aligning its top edges. Vibration : Once someone else’s iPhone detects your proximity, it will vibrate. NameDrop Notification : A NameDrop notification will appear on both iPhones. Receive Contacts

 To use both parties need a compatible iPhone

This limitation may make it difficult to use in some situations. 4. Battery Life Impact : Watch your battery! Using NameDrop, especially to share a lot of data, can drain your battery much faster than usual. Two women held their iPhone 15s tightly Greece Phone Number Data and activated NameDrop so they could share contacts with each other.  Apple NameDrop compatibility Works with a variety of NFC-enabled devices Limited to Apple devices Convenience Simple tap-and-go functionality Requires special gestures and settings on iPhone Security Simple tap-and-go functionality Apple’s standard security protocols Superiority Can be used for various purposes other than data sharing Primarily designed for fast data sharing Cost Affordable with a one-time purchase No additional costs, included in the Apple ecosystem.

Customization Can be customized for personal or business

Standard features with limited customization Reach Effective at very close range, enhancing security Slightly wider range in Apple devices User Base Effective at very short distances, increasing safety Exclusive for Apple users Information column: Shows the product advantages of GOTAP NFC vs Apple Namedrop Solution. However, For You Hong Kong Phone Number List Position yourself as a businessperson looking to meet their next investor. You’re attending an international business conference where not everyone is using an iPhone. iPhone exclusivity doesn’t work well for everyone, and we need a bridge to overcome problems like this. With GOTAP, you can do it. Just one simple tap and you’ll expand your network to unlock endless opportunities.

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