Digital advertising Why use it

The means by which businesses are made known today have changed drastically, leaving a gap for digital advertising. Next, we will see the different types of digital advertising and their main characteristics. An ideal method to reach your target audience . What is digital advertising? Digital advertising is an evolution of conventional advertising  when it is taken to the technological world and the internet. That is, it tries to capture the customer in the same way. But only changing the channel through which it does so. The main difference is that the Internet makes numerous platforms and channels available to us, and allows a more exhaustive segmentation of the target audience.

It is important to highlight that it has innumerable

Benefits compared to traditional advertising, such as low cost, simple measurement, clearer segmentation, positioning, flexibility… etc. Types of digital advertising. The first image that comes to mind when talking about digital advertising Hong Kong Phone Number Data is the banner, but there are many more ways to make yourself  known that are not so “seen”, which have a positive effect on user impact and sales. Native advertising. This type of advertising is placed directly in the content of the page, in this way the client’s search is not interrupted at any time and the advertising is displayed “integrated” with the content .

The user perceives it as a recommendation

Rather than a sale or promotion. One way to integrate this type of advertising into your website is thanks to Google Adsense. Social Ads. This type of digital advertising is highly recommended since it is within social networks, which is one of the channels Hong Kong Phone Number List with the most users. Within this category there are several types of  depending on the social network where you want to do it (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads.For example, it can be an image of a product on a blog on a topic that the user is interested in.

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