Which are not always available to the website owner

That may be harming your positioning in searches. And other factors. Finally We have SEO On Serp , which in a professional SEO audit. Seeks to identify opportunities to place your pages in privileged positions in searches. Such as what we call “position zero” on Google and listings with Rich Snippets , which highlight.

Your website among others

SEO Audit – Search Engine Optimization How is an SEO audit done? To do an SEO audit on your website, online store or blog, you have two ways. The USA WhatsApp Number List first is to promote this audit yourself, on your website. For this it will be necessary that you have a good knowledge of SEO techniques and tools, to understand exactly what the results of the analyzes provided by the various tools used in the process.

If you don’t have this skill

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That’s okay, because here at Academia do Marketing. We have a great SEO course that will enable you to analyze these errors and correct whatever BH Leads is necessary in this process and improve your SEO strategy. The problem with this solution is that you will have to rely on specialized tools such as SEMRush , Ahrefs , WebSite Auditor , Screaming Frog and others, all of which are paid, in their full versions,  Another option to carry out an SEO audit, this one exclusively.

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