Paths that lead to duplicate content

So that you can really stand out on Google. In addition, an analysis of the competition in. SEO also helps a lot. When we create an SEO project. We make a careful analysis of each of these dimensions, precisely so that the work is perfect. Even so, it is essential to always. Be monitoring these various aspects. Among them we can highlight: Structural SEO – Analysis of SEO factors involving the structure of the site; SEO On Page.

Analysis of the external links

Analysis of SEO elements on each page of the site; SEO Off Page –  that the site receives and their quality; SEO On Serp – Analysis of SEO factors Uruguay WhatsApp Number List that further highlight the site in searches. In the Structural SEO part , factors such as the existence of broken links,  page loading speed, integration with Google Search Console, site map and other accessory.

Criteria such as Domain

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Tools are checked. In the SEO audit focused on SEO On Page ,  Authority , keyword density, existence of paths that lead to duplicate content, absence BH Leads of meta tags and other elements of onpage optimization are analyzed . An SEO audit in what we call SEO Off Page will analyze the quantity and quality of links from other websites and social networks that point to your website, toxic links.

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