This is a normal situation nowadays

Reciprocal Links Reciprocal Links are situations where site A creates a link to site B and site B creates a link to site A.  where it is common to see partnerships between sites. seo course This is not a situation prohibited by Google, but its excess can characterize an attempt at fraud in.

And lead to penalties

The search engine, . In everyday life they are known as SEO reciprocal links. Social Links Social Links are links referring to bookmarking actions Belize WhatsApp Number List on social networks. In current SEO , links obtained from actions on social networks are considered important parts of a Link Building strategy.

Social proof tends to play an increasingly

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Important role in calculating a site’s ranking, so it’s important to keep a close eye on this type of link. These are the well-known social media links BH Leads in SEO . Paid Links Finally we have the villain of all, Paid Links in SEO. These are the links created by a website through agreement, advantage or payment. The use of paid links is very frowned upon by Google.

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