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These are the Internal Links of the site, the way in which the various pages are related in terms of internal links. It is considered one of SEO structure factors to achieve good positioning in search engines. It’s the internal links in SEO . Outbound Links These types of links in SEO are the links that leave our website.

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That is, the links that we are pointing to on our website.  we place this criterion in a situation of excellence, as it is an important positioning Belgium WhatsApp Number List factor, especially after the latest updates of the Google algorithm. Properly handling the distribution of Link Juice between different pages and sections is a real art. A good job in of this type of link can yield an extra force in the positioning of the pages.

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These are external links in SEO . Inbound Links Inbound links are currently the most important link type in terms of Offpage SEO. These are the links BH Leads that appear on the Internet pointing to your website. It is the result of the link building strategy. Although it is not the only factor that influences the positioning of a website in search engines, it is one of the most relevant SEO factors . Are the links pointing to our website in SEO .

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