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SEO strategy consists of creating links. Originating from sites of high relevance and high Domain Authority. Which have as the central theme of their content, a topic. That is highly related to that addressed on your site. So let’s see how to do Off Page SEO on your website, what are the main technical issues involved and strategies to be adopted in this case. 1 –  SEO strategy Like any other SEO step, it is necessary.

Create an Off Page

That you do an initial planning of your Link Building process. As this link building strategy for your website is also called. It makes no sense for you Slovenia WhatsApp Number List to start creating hundreds of links from one hour to another, because Google actually wants what it calls natural links, that is, if they are created in a visibly induced way, they will be ignored. 2 – Contextualization When looking for sites to generate links, it is necessary that these.

Links are contextualized

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That is, they must be part of the semantic and. Thematic field of the target site. If you are optimizing a website that talks about motorsport, ideally BH Leads you should get links on websites that address the same topic. It makes no sense, for example, to get a link on a recipe site. 3 –  you also need to focus your search on sites that are considered relevant in your area.

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