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That is, as mentioned earlier, sites and pages with a high technical authority . Organic traffic comes from your relevance and therefore, looking for external links on reference sites, through guest posts and social networks is important to reinforce your authority. What is Off page SEO if not recognition of the quality of your content, don’t you agree.

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An Off Page SEO strategy, it is not the quantity of links that your site receives, but the quality of these links. That’s why the concern with what we call South Africa WhatsApp Number List toxic backlinks , those coming from a low quality website. 4 – Diversity of domains Another important factor for Off Page SEO work is the diversity of domains.

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Creating hundreds of links coming from a single site, as it will not have the desired impact in terms of relevance. Google measures the popularity BH Leads of a site based on the quantity and quality of links pointing to it, and that’s why it’s important to create backlinks on several different domains. 5 – Anchor text We call anchor text the text on which a link is created.  focus of the page to.

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