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Me and depth of analysis of the sites. Nothing fairer, don’t you agree? Google robots and other search engines, which we technically call Crawlers , or Search Engine Spiders , have a lot of work to do. It makes no sense to dedicate the same amount of time and  significance and quality to.

The detriment of sites

That offer relevant content. What is Crawl Budget and how does it work in practice How does Crawl Budget work? Although the name is Brazil WhatsApp Number List pompous, to know what Crawl Budget is , as I said before, you just need to follow a logical reasoning. Over time, depending on the relevance and constancy of the pages published by a website, search engines are able to know exactly what is adding relevant content to.

The huge ocean that is

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The Internet today. Google , for example, would be wasting a huge amount of time and invested processing resources if it wasted its time crawling BH Leads any and all types of websites. Let’s take for example a site that talks about telenovelas. Of course, over time, your articles will be completely out of date, as these soap operas end and therefore, for soap opera lovers, their content will no longer make the slightest sense.

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