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What is Crawl Budget and its importance in SEO Whoever works with SEO needs to know what Crawl Budget is , a term that is well known by those  techniques at an advanced level, but little known by laymen or beginners in this area. The definition of Crawl Budget is, for most SEO specialists.

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The following: “Crawl Budget is the time that Google invests in scanning a website, with its robot, Googlebot, to identify its most relevant pages Bolivia WhatsApp Number List for searches performed on its platform” As you can see, Crawl Budget is no rocket ship. resources that Google believes is interesting in analyzing your site to know.

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What content should, or should not. Be displayed on the SERP . periodically on every site. That he can identify or that is registered in Google Search BH Leads Console. Understanding what Craw Budget is is important. Especially for those who work with large sites. With a high number of pages, such as blogs.

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