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Do they offer new products or services Are they moving closer to you The benchmarking table Another useful tool for organizing the collect data is the benchmarking table. It allows you to observe the characteristics of your products or services and compare those of your competitors to check how you stand compar to the competition and optimize your offer. In this table you ne to specify The product features functionality free or not price and any discounts advantages and technology Company information website and social situation and financial metrics financing revenues losses and profits.

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Marketing strategies and brand awareness SEO Email marketing social mia influencers and other partners content marketing The Cartesian graph To carry out competitor analysis it is also possible to use a simple Cartesian graph. The axes of the Ukraine TG Number Data diagram represent the variables to take into consideration when analyzing competitors such as high price vs low price high quality vs low quality consumer product vs niche product and contemporary vs traditional . Select your competitors and insert them into the graph bas on the chosen variables. Your company must therefore aim to position itself in the top right.

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Your Unique Value Proposition

A further step is to carry out a qualitative comparison of your product compar to your competitors by analyzing your Unique Value Proposition. What is it about What makes your company unique and valuable what differentiates it from the competition . In addition to being a useful tool for you you can also use it for your competitors. Keep in UK WhatsApp Number List mind that customers only remember the benefits list in the advertising communication. So you ne to know how to clearly and correctly convey every advantage you have over the competition. To understand how to stand out from your competitors use these aspects you and your competitors offer to your consumers of a product that you offer but not your competitor.

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