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To do this you have to put yourself in the role of a customer of your competitors so you could Create accounts to test their services Subscribe to their social channels and newsletters to observe the contents and frequency of publishing posts and sending emails. View online reviews and ratings of competing products to discover their flaws and shortcomings .Observe how their customer services handle issues are they attentive to user requests. Are they quick and effective Analyze the collect data. Once you have collect all the necessary information and data it is time to put it together for processing.

How do they intervene

To organize and compare the data collect it can be advantageous to develop a SWOT matrix a benchmarking table a. Cartesian graph or the analysis of Porters forces in this way you will be able to better understand how your company is working in comparison to the performance of your competitors. The SWOT Analysis SWOT is the Turkey TG Number Data acronym for Strengths strengths. Weaknesses weak points Opportunities opportunities and Threats threats. This type of analysis allows you to obtain a clear picture of the situation relating to a particular activity. Conducting a SWOT analysis on your competitors can be quite difficult so you will ne to ask yourself the following questions.

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What are they famous for

Strengths what is the thing that your competitors do best.  What is it that attracts their customers Why do customers end up choosing them. Pain points What do their customers regularly complain about What problems did you encounter when Turkey WhatsApp Number List you tri to use them. What products or services should they offer that they dont yet Opportunities represent an opportunity for your business. Have they stopp offering any products or services. Have they chang anything in their processes. Threats Is there anything that could pose a threat to your business Have they recently lower their prices.

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