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Which is aimed precisely at those who want to take. Their first steps in their career. 2 – Search Engine Marketing – Search Engine Marketing The area of ​​Search Engine Marketing , or SEM, as it is also known, one of the most requested of digital marketing and also one that offers the best salaries and opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization

Therefore, having solid knowledge in. This area essential for anyone who wants to pursue a successful career in digital marketing. We can divide Search Nigeria WhatsApp Number List segments, both by the techniques involved and by the tools that used: SEO –  – It is the segment of Search that is dedicated to the results of organic search, that is, the unpaid results of Google and other major search engines; Sponsored Link.

Marketing into two distinct

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It is the dimension of search marketing. That is dedicated to the area of ​​paid results on search engine response pages. To learn more about what BH Leads SEM is read the article.  There you will find more detailed information about these two dimensions of search marketing. In this area, Academia do Marketing can help you through two courses. The first one is the SEO Course.

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