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Website Optimization for Search Engines. Where you will learn everything you need to know about the process of optimizing websites for search engines. The second option for those who want to pursue a digital marketing career in this area is the Google Ads Course , focused on creating, serving and managing ads on the Google platform. 3 – Social Networks  in digital marketing without talking about social media management is something.

Thinking about a career

The importance that these channels have gained in the online marketing scenario. A social media analyst is currently one of. The most sought after Norway WhatsApp Number List professionals in the market and the supply of professionals who are really trained in this area does not meet market demand. This professional is responsible for preparing the digital marketing plan on social networks , its execution in addition to monitoring traffic, interactions and conversions.

For anyone thinking

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Of building a career in digital marketing. And who enjoys working with social media, this would be a great path to follow. In this area, Academia do BH Leads Marketing offers various training courses, such as our Social Media Management Course. The Content Production Course for Social Media , Instagram Marketing and Facebook Ads . 4 – Content Marketing  marketing is.

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