NordVPN’s no-logs policies are checked for the second time in a row

We requested an independent assurance commitment from the technology industry to verify our claims of not keeping user logs – a fundamental pillar of our mission to fight for privacy. But our commitment didn’t stop there, which is why we requested expanded second third-party verification. What was true then remains true now: we do not and will not monitor, under any justification, your internet activity. We were the first to hire an industry-leading auditing firm. PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Switzerland (PwC Switzerland), to independently review our service and evaluate our allegations that we do not keep records of our users.

How NordVPN was reviewed

Now, we asked them to do an even more comprehensive analysis of our services. This was an exhaustive commitment assurance project. The process involved interviews with our India WhatsApp Number Data employees, inspections of our server configurations, inspections of technical records and checks of other servers in our infrastructure. PwC Switzerland experts also checked that we were using the settings they had verified. This was much broader than our previous requests. Our Double VPN and P2P obfuscated servers have all been tested. The assurance effort is a “ point in time assessment ”. Currently, professionals can only report what they view when they gain access to our services.

Why did we do this?

Our security review was carried. During this specific period, when PwC Switzerland had access to our services, the company’s conclusion was that there were no signs that we had committed any violations of our promise not to keep logs of our users (NordVPN users can Malaysia WhatsApp Number List access the report complete on our website ). Using a VPN is based on trust. When users connect to our servers, they have confidence that we give them the security and privacy they need – without spying behind their back. It takes more than a simple promise to maintain and cultivate people’s trust. By asking a trusted and independent company like PwC Switzerland, we hope that current users and those to come will understand that we take our policy of not keeping records of them very seriously.

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