Discover how Bionexo increased conversion rates by 248% using Big Data

A pioneering company in SaaS technology solutions for the healthcare market, Bionexo has been offering digital solutions that allow suppliers and buyers to interact easily, quickly and intelligently for more than years. With the mission of healing the pain of unqualified contacts, Tatiane Trindade, Senior Acquisition Analyst, needed to look for another Big Data tool for her lead generation. During this research, she found Speedio and now has more assertive lists to carry out her prospecting. In this post you will see Data accuracy. Big Data and strategy Exploring the market with new strategies Features most used by Bionexo.

Challenges in prospecting leads

Despite already using a lead generation system , Bionexo realized that the effectiveness of its prospecting was compromised. With the team of sales representatives (SDRs), the Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data company was able to carry out a detailed analysis to identify the root of the problem. They discovered that the biggest obstacle was the significant amount of invalid contacts and counter numbers they received. This inaccurate data became a considerable barrier in the prospecting process , generating frustration for the team. The time dedicated to searching for these contacts often did not result in the expected return, which led to a cycle of inefficiency and discouragement. Data accuracy “With Speedio, we received feedback from our SDRs that assertiveness has greatly increased.

Initial impacts and a promising future

One of the biggest advantages offered by Speedio is its ability to validate data before SDRs even make the first contact. Our artificial intelligence checks every number and email to ensure your Thailand WhatsApp Number List team doesn’t waste time with this function. This ensures that the information collected is current and reliable. Furthermore, we were able to remove counter numbers using one of our filters. Thus, the generated lists are even more assertive. “In our first month of use, we were already able to collect good results. Compared to May, for example, we managed to reduce disqualification per contact and increased our conversion rate of outbound leads from the buyer vertical. Tatiane Trindade The secret lies in Speedio’s ability to deliver accurate data, giving the Bionexo team a deeper understanding of lead behavior and needs .

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