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By promoting efficient social media monitoring. We can have a more realistic perception of the public’s sentiment. About your brand, products or services, to publications. In these interactions, we are often able to capture some characteristics of the. Which are sometimes not identified in.  The creation phase of a marketing plan for social networks.

The initial study in

Another advantage of monitoring social networks is. That when we analyze their data, we often identify interests and. Trends of the public, which had not Peru WhatsApp Number List yet been noticed. Another one that we can include in our list of advantages of monitoring social networks is the early identification of possible crises in social networks in real time.

Through interactions and reactions

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Which can be resolved right in their infancy. Last but not least, by monitoring social media we can determine. Campaign results, grouping them BH Leads by objectives and goals. For these reasons, in our Social Media Management Course , we address the issue of monitoring social media not only as a tool for tracking results.

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