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But also for improving understanding of our target audience. 3 – Social media monitoring metrics In terms of metrics used in the process of monitoring social networks , we do not have a fixed set of indicators, as they vary according to  In some cases, the number of mentions is more than enough.

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Of a metric to evaluate campaign performance. In other cases, such as, for example, Facebook public base expansion campaigns , the number of Likes Philippines WhatsApp Number List is a perfect metric. The great care you must take is not to fall into the temptation of evaluating your campaigns based on vanity metrics , which in fact do not express the real objective of your campaign.

Having a fixed standard for

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The definition of metrics is essential for the process of monitoring social networks, since an error in this step could compromise the entire evaluation BH Leads of the campaign. this type of measurement, in the eagerness to obtain an ROI that can be easily compared with other campaigns, is a very common mistake among beginners. Social Media Monitoring 4 – Main social media monitoring tools Check below some of.

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