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Were you born King Midas or did you become one? I’m Chiara Gandolfi, I work with written and spoken words. I take care of designing the verbal identity of the brands (name, payoff, voice and tone of voice) and recording with my voice, audio for commercials, videos, audio guides, apps. In the first Italian essay of the fourth gymnasium I got 5 – so maybe I would say that if I was born King Midas not everyone agreed  I’ve always written, or rather, I’ve always experimented with language.

I invented neologisms and I also speak to them with these new words.  with the nuances I feel. Language does not exist in itself, it exists to be used . I take it wherever I want, to the boundaries of the senses, or maybe I’m deluding myself and it’s the words that take me around. In any case, I always find myself in very interesting places with them.

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Interview with Chiara Gandolfi manual  words Easy Web Marketing Nicola Onida SEO copywriter Write more white. Chiara Gandolfi’s writing manual  Verbal Mexico Mobile Number List Designer Your background. You graduated with a thesis in philosophy of languages. First of all, I ask you what or who prompted you to choose the educational path you followed. And then, how much weight does philosophical thought have in your work? I graduated with a thesis in the philosophy of languages ​​because I was lucky enough to meet a professor. 

The function of philosophy for a

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Who was passionate about the relationships between people and events, between languages ​​and the things that happened using them. We are still in contact today BH Leads because I consider him a luminary of the sector. A bright person , in everything he does. The philosophy of languages ​​course was part of the mass media communication address in the broader course of Communication Sciences. I chose this faculty because there were very different exams: economics.

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