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Social psychology, communication law, theory and techniques of cinema, TV, multimedia publishing. I was sure they wouldn’t bore me. Until the end I was undecided between this faculty and psychology. Then in the end it happened that I do brand psychotherapy anyway . one’s life, it is an invitation to connect to our thoughts and to listen to what they want to tell us.

Philosophy helps to relativize

I’ve always had a tendency to analyze emotions a lot and what I was feeling in life. Philosophical studies seemed to me the natural continuation. Philosophy does not give Israel Mobile Number List solutions, it leaves all questions open. In my work, it gives breadth to being, it’s not so visible, but it’s there. Especially in the analytical part. Now with the Immersioni project , a cycle of emails that address topics that are close to my heart such as identity, home, performance, family, the body, maybe you see a little more because every now and then I bring up some philosopher.

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Who can give us a point of view on the subject. : Brand Identity: brand identity What fascinates you about the man in your work as a Verbal Designer From my point of BH Leads view, philosophy, sociology, anthropology (shall we also include ethology? Why not!) are collateral subjects in the marketing and corporate communication sector. In Yuval Harari’s book, Sapiens, the author states that the main revolution in human history has been the cognitive one.

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