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Type of search engine used, among others, but depending on the type of site we are managing, we must focus more on certain data than on others. Professionally, Google Analytics is more than enough for most web projects, and if configured in an advanced way, it can offer really valuable information.this result by the total cost of advertising. Rising costs in digital marketing require optimization However, as many companies.

Visits generated by each lead

Conversion rate  cost per lead Benefit of every visit Most of the information we need is provided by AdWords itself, once conversion tracking is Canada Mobile Number List set up properly.  there is additional campaign information such as mailing, banners, links purchased on other sites and blogs, etc… that we can only obtain with Analytics. It is even possible to know the quality and profitability generated by free results in search engines – SEO,

On e-commerce sites

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Compared to the results of paid campaigns in search engines through sponsored links in the search network. Sites focused on selling advertising The model of sites that base their business on selling advertising space is simpler: they must obtain BH Leads the maximum number of pages seen by a user and be able to sell their advertising space at the best possible price to maximize their results. In view of this model, the objective that we must follow is a campaign with a low CPC – Cost Per Click .Importance of blogging in

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