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But it’s not! A study carried out by IAB Brasil – Interactive Advertising Bureau , revealed that investments in digital marketing by companies grew 24.5% between 2011 and 2012. In addition, the Brazilian market faces a serious problem  and high Tax Burden. This scenario opens up a huge space for platforms to automate and optimize digital marketing actions that, after all, make it possible to achieve a satisfactory ROI, generating great time savings and better results. Tools help in optimizing digital marketing, it is possible to optimize SEM and social media actions , among others, through autobiding technology – automatic bidding. This process maximizes productivity, saves on labor, achieves better results in less time and allows you to make the best investment decisions in search marketing and.

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Online advertising due to advanced reports, such as the conversion funnel, for example. In numbers, we can say that, with about 20% more investment, the company increases the number of clicks and billing, reduces time by at least 40%, and provides Brazil Mobile Number List the customer with extraordinary increases in ROI. Certainly,  a major market problem, making the ROI regain its due value and essential for those who invest in digital marketing .Synergy between Google Ads and Google Analytics Synergy between Google Ads and Google Analytics Synergy between Google Ads and Google Analytics Some time ago we discussed here the issue of synergy in digital marketing and this article written by Patrícia Zanardo , from the Marketalia agency, in Madrid, reflects exactly.

These platforms come to solve

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The issue. A very common problem in a first contact with our customers is that most are already using more or less advanced web analytics programs, but do BH Leads not know how to obtain all the information they offer. All statistics programs offer basic metrics such as the number of visits, impressions by visitors, origin of the visit,

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