Even by reducing the number of pages

Simply because search engines don’t have the time and money to analyze all your pages. In our SEO Course , we give a practical example of such a situation. We took a site with information that was no longer relevant and showed how, , we managed to significantly increase.

We simply managed the

Its relevance and positioning. Magic? Not even.  content and induced search engines to “pay attention” to the contents that really interested the site’s Cambodia WhatsApp Number List marketing strategy. How to check your Crawl Budget? Knowing now what Crawl Budget is and its importance in the process of optimizing websites for search engines.

This information is

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It is natural that you want to know what your website’s Crawl Budget is. readily available on Google Search Console . Although it is not as exact as BH Leads we would like, it already gives us a good idea. Go to Search Console and in the Legacy Tools and Reports tab , select the Crawling Stats option and you.

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