As in the case of SEO promoting a company

Who want to know how to advertise a company on. Google are Sponsored Links . This tool is available through Google Ads , the search engine’s online advertising program that inserts links to websites in a reserved area in the header of response pages. And also in the last positions of the listing. For those who want to publicize.

This is an immediate solution

Their business on Google. As it is enough to create the account and the ads. Pay and in a few minutes your website will already be displayed in the Egypt WhatsApp Number List area designated for paid links in the SERPs. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But not quite.  through sponsored links requires a lot of knowledge about keyword selection. Techniques and ad creation. Furthermore.

Which makes the technique even

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As we always teach in our Google Ads Course. sponsored links work in two different dimensions, the Search Network and the Display Network ,  more BH Leads elaborate. The problem with Sponsored Links is the cost. Each time your ad is clicked, you pay a certain amount, previously agreed with Google, which makes these campaigns quite expensive, and the prospect is that they will become even more expensive.

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