When they are part of a publicly available database

Cell phone numbers are not typically considered public record. As they are considered private information that is protected by privacy laws. However, there are certain situations where cell phone numbers may become public record, such as when they are included in public directories or  Text marketing,  is a popular form of mobile marketing.

Also known as SMS marketing

That involves sending promotional messages to customers via text message. Text marketing can be a highly effective. Way to reach customers and Honduras WhatsApp Number List promote products or services, but it also requires businesses to be mindful of  governing the use of mobile marketing. One important consideration.

The laws and regulations

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When engaging in text marketing is obtaining. Consent from customers. In the United States, businesses are required to obtain express written consent BH Leads from customers before sending promotional text messages. This means that customers must actively opt-in to receive. Marketing messages, and businesses must provide clear and conspicuous disclosures about.

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