Poles towards Ukrainians

Poles towards Ukrainians Yet do Poles really notice their presence in their surroundings Research shows that the answer is yes. As many of the respondents confirmethis. Moreover. Poles admittethat new Ukrainian employees appearein their jobs after Russia invadeukraine. More than half of Poles believe that our labor market needs workers from Ukraine. Slightly more men than women said this. At the same time. Only 10% of the respondents admittethat they use services provideby Ukrainians. What is important is that the vast majority of Poles do not mind cooperating with Ukrainians. Women are slightly less favorable toward our eastern neighbors than men.

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People who are more open-mindeanswer that I have no objection Those unwilling to work with Ukrainians often citelanguage barriers. A lack of trust in the Ukrainian nation reluctance or lowerelabor stards as reasons. Some interviewees also notethe harsh attitudes of Ukrainians. Most Poles are not afraid of losing their jobs being replaceb  Ukrainians. However in Mexico Cell Phone Number List this case the age of the respondent is an important factor. This fear is more pronounceamong young people. As many as 10% of respondents under the age of 18 fear that their jobs will be taken away by Ukrainian citizens. Only among Poles ageover 10 years. It should also be notethat the waves are near.

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The Dutch oppose additional support for Ukrainian employees. As you can see Poles generally accept employees from Ukraine although they keep them at Mexico WhatsApp Number arms length. So lets examine in more detail how we view people coming from the eastern border. What Poles think of Ukrainian colleagues Attitudes of Poles towards Ukrainians Previous research from the website has shown that Poles do not want their supervisor to be of Ukrainian origin that people generally prefer to work only with Poles. However. Judging from the survey results. Poles seem to have a good opinion of their eastern neighbors. Only 10% of respondents had it.

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